Launch a refreshing new product within a tired category.

Stylish baking mix company, Hill Street Wholefoods are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegan and ridiculously delicious. Our challenge was to increase website traffic, secure features in leading food publications and create social hype for the new product range. Ultimately our goal was to make Kiwis fall in love with this new brand and show that baking mixes can be fabulous.




We created a strategic timeline to give each initiative breathing room and offered exclusives to appropriately aligned media. The campaign highlights included TV3 news,  Viva and The Spinoff.



“The ladies at Lomas Kerr have been an absolute dream to work with. They impressed me with their clever ideas, open communication and superior organisational skills. All of these things helped to deliver amazing results, namely to create awareness of our new range of clean baking mixes and drive new customers to the website to purchase. They really exceeded my expectations of what PR could do for the launch of Hill Street Wholefoods. ”

-Eliana Glover, Founder, Hill Street Wholefoods